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At 06.07.2018 Qualification exam for Kyokushin karate

took place in Noyemberyan, Tavush region, Armenia.

KWF Armenia

The examination was held by the president of the KWF Armenia Spartak Gasparyan and by the assistant coach of the federation, international black belt 2 dan Narek Khachatryan. Continue reading “KWF Armenia: QUALIFICATION EXAM AT TAVUSH REGION”

KWF Kyokushin National Open Championship of Armenia

Finally, on May 28, it took place the long-awaited Kyokushin National Open Championship of KWF Armenia,

organized by the KWF Armenia, which was chosen to be held on the day of the First Armenian Republic ‘s anniversary of 1918 devoted to the symbolic day of our old and new victories.

The opening ceremony of this unprecedented event was inaugurated by the fourth president of the federation, the International black belt 4 dan Spartak Gasparyan. Continue reading “KWF Kyokushin National Open Championship of Armenia”

KWF Armenia: Grading test

On 20 of May, in the school number 1 of the Stepanakert, Armenia was held examination.

The exam was hosted by the President of KWF Armenia Sensei Spartak Gasparyan and Vice-president Sensei Grisha Torosyan.

KWF Armenia

In this exam took part a colossal number of participants, more than 200 young participants. Continue reading “KWF Armenia: Grading test”