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IFK Brazil winter training 2016

Kentouryukai – IFK Kyokushin Karate Brazil participate of winter training session.

Yes, Winter, because now is this time of year in Brazil. Attendance of the shihan Julio Romero (IFK ARGENTINA) made this day very good – focusing on the details of the practice of kata and. Also focusing of the techniques of high level of kumite with sensei Luiz Feitosa, showing differences between training of fighters and normal trainins. This made a unique event for all participants. The Kentouryukai IFK Brazil were proud of the participation and of all in this event and in the advancement of the organisation.

OSU! Shihan Jeovaldo Barreto

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IFK Brasil 4º Campeonato Paulista de Karate Kentouryukai

IFK BRASILOn June 26, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil was held the


With fights exciting from beginning to end of the event, the championship was excellent. We gathered up the best athletes of São Paulo and as a result, a great show.Congratulations to all the athletes of Kentouryukai and of all the schools of karate friends who honored us with their karatekas and senseis.