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Naomi Ali: 100-man Fighter

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh

The 100-man kumite holds a special place in the world of Kyokushin karate. The act of fighting full-contact for 100 straight rounds against fresh opponents and with no protective gear is enough to deter even the toughest, most well-traveled martial artists. Many of the men who have completed the astonishing mental and physical test have gone on to receive global praise and legendary status in their respective styles. Enter Naomi Ali. Continue reading “Naomi Ali: 100-man Fighter”

Musings: Hyakunin Kumite – The Ultimate Challenge of Kyokushin Karate

By Patrick Donkor, findingkarate.com

Perhaps the most unique challenge in all of Karate is Kyokushin Karate’s Hyakunin Kumite or 100-man Kumite Challenge. Devised by Kyokushin Karate founder, Mas Oyama, the challenge is the ultimate mental and physical challenge, designed to test one’s spirit. Kenji Yamaki described the challenge as a transformative experience. Howard Collins said it was the hardest three hours of his life. Continue reading “Musings: Hyakunin Kumite – The Ultimate Challenge of Kyokushin Karate”