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Eurasia Open 2016 – results men, women and seniors divisions


-65 кг
1. Koki Akimoto (Japan)
2. Atsushi Matsumoto (Japan)
3. Yuma Takezawa (Japan); Izumi Yamada (Japan)

-75 кг
1. Yuto Fukuchi (Japan)
2. Tenta Onodera (Japan)
3. Takeaki Kinoshita (Japan); Kiyotaka Nakajima (Japan)

-85 кг
1. Naoki Morita (Japan)
2. Shota Mizuno (Japan)
3. Jo Miyahara (Japan); Shigeya Ueno (Japan)

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The preparation ​for the 3rd KWU World Championship has started

These days the representatives of KWU

Organizing Committee are on a business trip in Tokyo, preparing for the 3rd World Championship. The working group consists of the General Secretary of Kyokushin World Union Sergey Suvorov, the Chief Executive Director of the Russian Union of Martial Arts Ramil Gabbasov, the Creative Director of the 2nd KWU World Championship Aleksandr Zeitts, the Head of the Autonomous Nonprofit organization “The Management of sports and entertainment events” Nikolay Eliseykin.

For the past few days the negotiations with the representatives of various agencies, as well as media agencies have been carried on. And some sport arenas and different hotels have been examined. In the framework of cooperation and open door policy the representatives of KWU visited the International Open Category Championship “KWF Eurasia Open” that was held in February 27th-28th in Chiba (Japan). Continue reading “The preparation ​for the 3rd KWU World Championship has started”