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British Open 2017 – pictures

We updated our PICTURES webpage with album from

41st British Open Knockdown, incorporating 9th Cup of Europe

More pictures you can see on BKK Official Facebook page

Watch all the action below, and check out the results here Continue reading “British Open 2017 – pictures”

British Open 2017 – RESULTS

Final results from the 41st British open and the 9th Cup of Europe 2017

British Open 2017 RESULTS

Open Categories:

Womens -60kg
1. Emma Markwell – BKK Westcroft
2. Anna Efremova – IFK Russia (Kirov)
3. Teona Gazdeliani – Rengokai Spain (Satori)
3. Hayley Rowlands – BKK Cardiff Continue reading “British Open 2017 – RESULTS”