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Learn How to Fight Different-Size Opponents from Benny The Jet Urquidez!

Benny Urquidez was kickboxing’s most fearless gladiator. With his incredible speed, power, and energy, he could go to any country on earth, fight anybody he was paired up with according to their rules — and beat the living daylights out of them. In front of sell-out crowds, Benny Urquidez, in true Terminator fashion, would blast opponent after opponent into oblivion. What is so amazing is that he did this 58 times without losing. It’s not surprising that he was named Black Belt’s 1978 Competitor of the Year.

The Jet’s Arsenal

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez’s arsenal of techniques was something to write home about, and his physical conditioning was second to none. His regimen included working all his techniques in addition to a host of back-breaking drills. For example, he would do 15 three-minute rounds of offensive and defensive moves, going full speed with only 30-second rest periods. Continue reading “Learn How to Fight Different-Size Opponents from Benny The Jet Urquidez!”