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Sensei Andrews Nakahara: The younger you start preparing your body and mind for life, the better

World Kyokushin Champion Sensei Andrews Nakahara has stepped into the role of instructor at The Kyokushin World Union (KWUProfessional League`s training camp in the days surrounding SENSHI 14. He teaches participants exquisite fighting techniques.

This is an event that I really want to participate in. Because many of the people, from the instructors like Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, and Semmy Schilt are these competitors I’ve watched the fight and said to myself that one day I want to be like them. Now, to be able to work with them is an honor“, said Andrews Nakahara in an interview for the business television Bloomberg TV Bulgaria in Bulgaria.

Sensei Nakahata started practicing karate in 1999. He says he does it not for a competitive career, but for himself. Subsequently, he began intensive training and later competitions.

Andrews says that he takes his sister’s example when it comes to training. “She was going to the sports hall and practicing karate, and my mom and dad said, ‘Go with your sister. This will be good for you, you will be more disciplined.” I agreed, I started training, and six months later my sister gave up. But I didn’t stop and this year marks 24 years since I practiced karate”.

He says that from karate he can learn everything he needs in life, including discipline and respect.

“I think it plays an important role because the younger you start preparing your body and mind for life, the better. This is because you learn not only to fight or play but also to learn a lot of useful things. When I started training, I realized that I can train and fight, but not everywhere – that there is a place where I can do it. That was very important for me”, said Nakahara.

You can watch the whole interview with Sensei Andrews Nakahara in the video.

Sensei Andrews Nakahara is the World Kyokushin champion in 2005, All American Absolute champion, and 2-times South American champion. He won 4 of his 11 Professional matches with Knockouts.

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