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Sam Greco: SENSHI succeeds where others have failed

“I’m really excited about the SENSHI tournament because where others have failed, SENSHI has succeeded. They’re forming such strong bonds not only in Europe but around the world. I think in 5 to 10 years they’ll be a factor, with which all will conform” said Sam Greco in an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. 

Commenting on the failure of K-1 competitions, Greco said it was because the organization shifted its focus away from its foundation and traditions.

“The heavyweight division is the most prestigious in the world because of K-1, it became the biggest. But for some reason, they started taking some big guys who weighed 130, 140, 180 kilograms, and they kind of turned their attention elsewhere, and not to the real, classic heavyweight. They preferred circus shows with such giants and simply lost their popularity.”

To be a world champion and a karate legend is a dream, says Greco. “Karate is my backbone, my strength in sports and in life in general. It taught me a lot about how to behave, and what behavior to have. It taught me a lot about business, it taught me a lot about everything in life .”

The beginning was difficult as the training and discipline did not appeal to Greco in the first weeks, “but then I fell in love and never looked back,” he says.

You can watch the whole interview with Sam Greco in the video.

K-1 legend Sam Greco will be a special guest at the spectacular SENSHI international fight night, which will be held on December 3rd at the Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, at 7 p.m. The fight card of the new 14th edition features 13 attractive and competitive fights under the KWU Full Contact rules between 26 elite fighting stars and champions from 17 countries, including Australia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, and more. Tickets for SENSHI 14 are on sale and can be purchased from the Eventim network and via website.

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