Jonas Rosin – Kyokushin is my passion

Things we want to know about Jonas Rosin and his honest answers:

Jonas Rosin - Kyokushin is my passion

How long have you been doing Kyokushin? How did you start, who was your coach?

I have been training for 14 years, since I was seven years old. I started because my father trained when he was young. He introduced me to Kyokushin and I haven’t stopped since. Continue reading “Jonas Rosin – Kyokushin is my passion”

KWF Spain: Seminars with Shihan Antonio Piñero

The following courses will take place on 25 and 26 November

KWF Spain Seminar Shihan Antonio Piñero

Saturday 25 November: Technical course for brown and black belts with Shihan Antonio Piñero
Saturday 25 November: Arbitration course with Shihan Fernando Pérez
Instructors: Shihan Fernando Pérez (Director of course), Shihan Javier Sánchez (National Coach), Sensei Christian Prades and Ignacio Sagardoy (doctor in medicine)

British Open 2017 – pictures

We updated our PICTURES webpage with album from

41st British Open Knockdown, incorporating 9th Cup of Europe

More pictures you can see on BKK Official Facebook page

Watch all the action below, and check out the results here Continue reading “British Open 2017 – pictures”