It is almost impossible to learn Karate from a book, even one with many illustrations.

The basic techniques you are taught are the building blocks which you will learn to combine for more complicated formal exercises and later for practical application for self defense. No one can ever learn all there is to know about Karate, even though they may have trained for 50 or so years. It is also important for beginners to understand that no instructor can actually “teach” Karate to you. YOU are the person who will slowly teach your body to respond on command in the correct way, your instructors will demonstrate and correct — but knowledge can only be translated into action by hard work and regular attendance.

Karate literally means “empty hand” fighting and this emphasizes the fact that we must use the weapons that nature gave us for our own defense or that of others. Continue reading “TRAINING OVERVIEW”

Invitation to NKKO Summer Camp in Norway

Here is the invitation to the NKKO summer camp in Norway

from 28. June to 02. July 2017

 NKKO summer camp

The camp is open to all styles and organizations. The camp motto is: – TIME TO BE UNITED –

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