masutatsu-oyamaMasutatsu Oyama

Masutatsu Oyama was born as Choi Young-Eui (최영의) in Gimje, South Korea, during Japanese occupation in July, 1923. At a young age he was sent to Manchuria to live on his sister’s farm. Oyama began studying martial arts at the age of 9 from a Korean seasonal worker who was working on the farm. His name was Lee and Oyama said he was his very first teacher. The story of the young Oyama’s life has been sensationalized in manga and movies so the line between fiction and facts has become obscure.


hatsuo-royamaHatsuo Royama

Hatsuo Royama, the president of Kyokushin-kan International Karate Organization, 9th Dan





steve-arneilSteve Arneil

Hanshi Steve Arneil – president and founder of the International Karate Federation, IFK.





loek-hollanderLoek Hollander

Loek Hollander, Honorary President of the Kyokushin World Federation, 10th Dan.





Antonio Pinero

Antonio Pinero, President of the Kyokushin World Federation, 9th Dan






yuri-trutnevYuri Trutnev

Yuri Trutnev, the president of the Russian Kyokushin Association.





kenji-sugekawaKenji Sugekawa

Kenji Sugekawa, member of directors board and official representative of Kyokushin Shogakukai Foundation





gabbasov-ramilGabbasov Ramil

Gabbasov Ramil the member of the Executive Committee of the Kyokushin Word Union (KWU), and also he is Executive Director of the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA).





Pichkunov Aleksandr

Secretary General of KWU