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Antonio PineroPresident of the Kyokushin World Federation, 9th Dan

Shihan Antonio Pinero began his first contacts in the world of karate in the sixties. First through the books written by Sosai Oyama and later, having the great instructors B. Boulton, S. Arneil, L. Hollander as first teachers. At that time, he met and trained with Grand Master Sosai Masutatsu Oyama at the London Karate Kai.

Shihan Antonio Pinero was a part of the Spanish National Team and participated in the European and International Championships upon his return to Spain: he did not lose any bout.

In 1968, he settled in Spain (Zaragoza) and founded the Club Karate – Kan. In the same year His Majesty the King of Spain D. Juan Carlos I, accepted the Honor Presidency of his Club. Kyokushin began to spread in Spain: numerous students train under the teachings of the First Spanish Teacher.