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Results of Kyokushin Tournament V.A. Solovyov

Results of Kyokushin Tournament V.A. Solovyov which was held on the 27th of September 2020. Congratulations to all participants!

Division A

Men 70 kg
1st place – Fatyanov Sergey (Uzunyan R.V.)
2nd place – Mekhtiev Mikhail (Barateli I.B)

Men 80 kg
1st place – Chepaykin Vladislav (D.S.Savelyev)
2nd place – Ulyanov Dmitry (Savelyev D.S.)

Men over 80 kg
1st place – Stroganov Yuri (D.S.Saveliev)
2nd place – Krupsky Denis (Yunusov S.S.)
3rd place – Petrov Victor (Gerasimov M.Yu)

Women 60 kg
1st place – Zelenina Valeria (Zelenina V)
2nd place – Lappo Daria (Eganov M)

Women over 60 kg
1st place – Kushnareva Alena (Eganov M, Nadmidov R)
2nd place – Martynova Victoria (A. Gribkov)

Veterans sv 80 kg
1st place – Savin Vitaly (Eganov Mikhail Viktorovich, Nadmidov Ruslan)
2nd place – Ushakov Denis (A.S. Kramyshev)

Division B

Men 70 kg
1st place – Piliptsev Bogdan (Saveliev D.S.)
2nd place – Gorshkov Evgeny (Oprya Ivan)
3rd place – Lukin Sergey (Samokhin A.A.)

Men 80 kg
1st place – Pershin Alexandr (Samokhin A.A.)
2nd place – Shlyannikov Alexandr (Uzunyan R.V., Stakheev M.A.,)

Women 60 kg
1st place – Lubina Anna (Barateli I.B)
2nd place – Chupova Anastasia (I.Barateli)

Women over 60 kg
1st place – Gogichaeva Maria (Samokhin A.A.)
2nd place – Chetaeva Elena (Gerasimov M.Yu)


1st place – Belkov Ilya
2nd place – Alexander Drozd
3rd place – Roman Kuznetsov

1st place – Doronina Ksenia
2nd place – Lappo Daria
3rd place – Zherlygina Ekaterina

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