New year’s seminar with Shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov

11-12 January 2020 in Krakow, Poland at the Sports Hall of the MDK Scout House was held a seminar with the participation of 118 Dojo Operators, instructors, and players.

The training was led by Shihan Alexander Pichkunov 5 dan – medalist of the Kyokushin World Cup, he trained and fought in Tokyo in K-1 together with Shihan Francisco Filho for 6 years. Also participated: Shihan Andrzej Drewniak, Shihan Andrzej Krawontka, Shihan Robert Kopciowski, Shihan Witold Stolarczyk, Shihan Zdzisław Niedzwiedz, Shihan Janusz Piórkowski, Shihan Bogdan Świątkowski and Shihan Robert Kern from Hungary.

The subject of the seminar was general development and specialized exercises shaping Kyokushin stamina, improving techniques with a partner and on equipment, as well as combinations for fighting. Shihan Pichkunov showed many specialized exercises used in professional boxing and K-1. As part of accompanying events, there was a 2-hour meeting of Dojo Operators and Sayonara.

The seminar was organized by the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization (KWF POLAND) and MDK Scout House.