KWF Australia demonstration (video)

Australian Kyokushin Federation (AKF) members were invited to do a demo at Roseville Public School  carnival (Roseville, Australia)

General members of the public, mothers, fathers, grand parents, great grandparents were introduced to various parts of Kyokyshin karate including kata, Ido Geiko etc.

Sensei Daniel Trifu teamed up with Senpai Iker Zabarte for a demo of full contact sparring. On the microphone Senpai Lynne O’Brien lead the demo and explains part of karate training and info about the dojos. There was a combination of hard hits, smiles and very clever MC skills from Senpai Lynne.

From the reaction and feedback of the spectators, AKF members believe that there were very successful in promoting Kyokushin and full contact rules to members of the public.