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KWU World Championship results are revised


Irina KriazhevaBy the results of Anti-doping procedures

held by the official Anti-Doping Centre – one of the competitors of the KWU World Championship – Irina Kriazheva has got a positive result, indicating prohibited substance – Methylhexanamine, therefore the official results of the World Championship that took place in Sofia, October 5-6, are revised.

In order to maintain the principle of fair play and meet the requirements of World Anti-Doping Agency and comply with the Provision of the KWU World Championship it was decided to:

1.    Withdraw the title of the winner of KWU World Championship from competitor Irina Kriazheva (Russia).

2.    Oblige the competitor Irina Kriazheva (Russia) to return the official golden medal, cup and diploma of the World Champion to the Organising Committee of the World Championship.

3.    Declare participant Samantha Williams (Great Britain) the World Champion and award her with the official golden medal, cup and diploma of the World Champion.

4.   Provide to participant Lucinda Bender (The Netherlands) the title of the second place and award her with the official silver medal, cup and second place diploma.

5.    Maintain the third place for the competitor Desiree Radushin (RSA) without changing the title and awards.

Therefore the following KWU World Championship Results in a female weight category under 70 kg. come into force and are declared official.


General Secretary

Sergey Suvorov

KWUEURO 2021 YouTube playlist│5.12.2021

SENSHI 10 YouTube playlist │05.12.2021


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