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On April 21 in Yerevan, Kyokushin karate federation of Armenia

headed by the president of the federation Andranik Hakobyan held an international tournament – “Armenian Grand Prix – 2019”, which was attended by sportsmen from different countries. Continue reading “KNOCKOUT IN ARMENIAN GRANDPRIX 2019”

Open KWF Georgia 2019 Youth Kyokushin Championship

Open KWF – Georgia 2019 Youth Kyokushin Championship

in weight categories 2.06.2019 Tbilisi, Georgia was held on 02.06.2019. KWF Armenia team with 155 members traveled to Georgia and took part in the Caucasus Championship in Tbilisi.

Continue reading “Open KWF Georgia 2019 Youth Kyokushin Championship”

Shihan Andre Drewniak held seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia

On May 25, 2019 Shihan Andre Drewniak, 9th Dan, Secretary General of KWF,

Shihan Robert Wagelt, 5th dan andShihan Soldatov Sergey 5th dan – KWF’s national representative in Russia, First Vice President of the Federation of Kyokushin of Russia, visited the northern capital of the Russian Federation – St. Petersburg. 

They held a training seminar for all karatekas and were satisfied with their level and preparation. Continue reading “Shihan Andre Drewniak held seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia”