IFK Bulgarian Summer camp 2018

From 27.06 to 04.07.2018 was held annual summer camp of IFK Kyokushin Bulgaria.

This year also attended Shihan David Pickthall 7 Dan, who also held an exam for grades from 10 to 3 dan.

IFK Bulgaria

Congratulations to everyone who defended a higher degree. Congratulations and greetings to IFK Bulgarian new Sensei Georgi Geshev 3 dan. Continue reading “IFK Bulgarian Summer camp 2018”

Germany Summer Camp 2018

Shihan Hennie Bosman – 8 dan from South Africa,

representing the international karate Kyokushin-kan, visited the camp of the DANKEZU school in Werbellinsee.

Germany Summer Camp 2018

Shihan conducted a master class on the IKEN, participated in the qualification exam and introduced the senior fighters to the technique of harden up parts of the hands. Sensei Axel Hinz and his team also participated in this camp as well. Continue reading “Germany Summer Camp 2018”

Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO) summer camp 2018

From Wednesday 27th of June to Sunday the 1st of July

the Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO) hosted their annual summer camp.

More than180 students joined the camp to train with world class instructors from Spain and Norway. We were very happy to meet and train with our friends from Shinkyokushin, Makotokai and several independent dojo´s. Continue reading “Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO) summer camp 2018”