Month: February 2016

The 1st Kazakhstan International Winter cam 2016

The 1st Kazakhstan International Winter cam 2016

The educational-health complex “Mountain Sun”

(Almaty, Kazakhstan) was host of the 1st international winter camp in Kazakhstan under the direction of Vice-President of International Karate Federation (IFK) Shihan David Pickthall (6th Dan). This event is organized by the National Academy of Kyokushin Karate Almaty, Kazakhstan with the assistance of the official representative in Kazakhstan IFK Shipilov (4th Dan).

In the Winter camp was attended  74 karatekas from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Kyokushin Championship of Moscow 2016

Kyokushin Championship of Moscow 2016February 14, 2016 at the Sports Palace “Sodrujestvo”

(Дворце спорта «Содружество») was held Kyokushin karate Championship of Moscow 2016 (kumite and tamesiwari)

The competition was attended by more than 240 athletes from the Moscow Federation of Kyokushin. There was also guests from other regions of Russia.

On opening ceremony it was awarded karatekas from the Russian Union of Martial Arts. “Master of Martial Arts” Lepina  (4th dan), “Honorary Judge of Martial arts” Shepelev (4 dan) and Medal of Honor MFK 2 degrees Demin (2nd Dan).

A Certificate of Merit of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the City of Moscow were awarded the world champions of the 2nd KWU Sabaeva, Raydnov, Maslennikov and their coach Kotvitsky sensei.

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Seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero Oslo 2016

Seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero Oslo 2016The Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Organization (NKKO)

has arranged the yearly instructor seminar in Oslo. Every year in connection with the General Meeting NKKO conducts a technical seminar. As always our guest instructor was Shihan Antonio Pinero.

About 45 club leaders and instructors were present. The purpose with the seminar is to unify all the basic techniques and katas. This is very popular and a lot of questions are asked. This year most of the time was devoted to kumite techniques.

Everyone was going back home with much new kumite knowledge. Every year we have always had some training in the snow. Well, this time we didn’t have any snow to train in. We look forward to our next big event. The NKKO summer camp starts June 22. Shihan Lars Hogquist was responsible for the camp.

The meaning of Osu

In Kyokushin every question is answered with osu.

Every greeting is Osu. Every instruction or question in class, is answered by “Osu” instead of “yes” or “I understand”. When performing kihon waza (basic techniques) in class, each technique is often accompanied with a loud “Osu”. When practicing jiyu kumite (free fighting) in class and your opponent lands a good, hard technique, you say “Osu” to acknowledge your opponent’s skill. As a measure of respect, knockdown fighters at a tournament bow and say “Osu” to the front, to the referee and to each other, before and after the fight.

The meaning of Osu

Osu is a combination of the words: Oshi which means “Push”, and Shinobu whihch means “to Endure”. It means patience, determination, appreciation, respect and perseverance.

In order to develop a strong body and strong spirit it is necessary to undergo rigorous training.

Kyokushin training is very demanding. You push yourself until you think you’ve reached your limit. First your body wants to stop, to give up, but your mind keeps pushing you. Then your mind wants to stop, but your spirit keeps you going. When you reach this point you must fight yourself and your weakness and you must win. To do this you must endure the pain, you must learn to persevere, but above all you must learn to be patient. That is Osu! Continue reading “The meaning of Osu”

Training weekend with Shihan Gorokhov and Sensei Titkov

January 16-17, 2016 at the base “Emerald”,

which is located in a beautiful area of the Gorky Sea, Nizhny Novgorod kyokushin team. Training was led by Shihan Alexey Gorokhov.

In camp also attended karatekas from the Saratov region. For helping in the preparation of athletes arrived in Nizhny Novgorod well known Russian fighter, multiple Champion of Russia, Japan and winner of the Absolute World Championship, Sensei Igor Titkov

Training weekend with Shihan Gorokhov and Sensei Titkov