Month: December 2015

Kyokushin Karate training methods


Kyokushin karate was created by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Oyama lived in Korea, China and Japan, and trained in several styles of martial arts, including kempo, judo, Goju-ryu karate and Shotokan karate. Oyama used his knowledge of the martial arts to create his own style, which he named Kyokushin in 1964. Kyokushin means “the ultimate truth” in Japanese. Oyama believed karate practice should include intense, rigorous training methods. Oyama died in 1994, but many of the training methods continue. These training methods include sparring, physical exercise and kata.

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Which Fighting Style Matches Your Personality?

Your fighting style should match your personality and body type if you are to become proficient.

Martial arts like Kyokushin Karate are best for strong individuals, while others, like Jujutsu, are best suited for more agile people. And some fighting styles, like Kenpo and Arnis, use weapons. When choosing a fighting style, consider your strengths and intentions. Are you more strong or flexible, and are you interested in fitness, self-defense or competition?


Aggressive Fighting Styles

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