Hungarian National Championship 2018

The Hungarian National Championship

was held on 16th March 2018. in Répcelak, Hungary

Hungarian National Championship 2018

It was the Official Hungarian Championship which was held with the permission of the Hungarian Karate Organisation (MKSZ).  This championship was also the qualifying championship for any KWU events which will be organised this year. The main organizer: Shihan dr. Bogdán Olivér 5.Dan

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From 9 to 11 of March 2018

was held the VI Spanish Wintercamp in Villanua (Huesca-Spain), directed by shihan Fernando Pérez, 6º dan.


100 participants of different parts of Spain and from Norway took part in the camp. The training sessions covered all aspects of kyokushin (kihon, kata, kumite and self deference) and the atmosphere was incredible. A total Kyokushin weekend. Continue reading “VI SPANISH WINTERCAMP (Kangeiko)”