New Dan degrees for IFK Russia

Congratulations to Moscow karatekas with assigning their higher dan degrees!dan degrees

International Federation decision Karate (IFK) assigned new Dan degrees:
5 dan
Khimichenko Andrei Andreyevich, Executive director of the Federation of Kyokushin Russia;
Shaposhnikov Dmitry Sergeyevich, the regional representative of the Federation of Kyokushin Russia in Moscow.
4 dan
Bakhtin Boris Ivanovich , the coach of the Moscow Federation of Kyokushin.


World class athletes do have office jobs

Meet the amazing 30 year old Lithuanian World Champion in Kyokushin Karate,

Aneta Meskauskiene, mother of two and wife with a full time job at Accenture


At present, I am 30 years old, a mother of 2 amazing boys, a full time employee with Accenture (which are also actively sponsoring me) – working on Google projects, a wife, and a student. Keeping up with my busy lifestyle is not easy… but it is very rewarding! I set clear priorities and there is simply no time for feeling blue or for indeed for any wistful sense of nostalgia.

I had the privilege of doing a training session with Aneta to get an insight into her sport and see the champion herself in action. I was so impressed with her skills, her focus and determination. She definitely has the traits of a champion.

She has been involved in Kyokushin Karate for several years now and has represented Ireland in many international competitions. Her best results to date are: 2nd place in the World Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria and 3rd place in the recent World Championship in Khabarovsk, Russia. Continue reading “World class athletes do have office jobs”

Kyokushin Championship “Siberian Masters”

September 24-25, 2016 in Tomsk, Russia will be held a traditional “Siberian Masters” tournament.

Kyokushin Championship “Siberian Masters” with prize fund of 95,000 rubles per weight category for men and 15,000 for women divisions.siberian-masters

Teams from Tomsk, Novosibirsk WKO team, fighters from Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and many others will participate. Also competition will be attended by world champions Sergey Chmunevich and Farid Kasumov.

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KWU Greece was established

We are happy to announce the collaboration of the organization members

of Kyokushin World Union in a national level in Greece, Europe

Kyokushin-kan Greece with representative shihan Nikolaos Panagoiliopoulos (7th Dan); IFK Greece with representative shihan Stefanos Tranidis (5th Dan); KWF Greece with representative sensei Kyriaki Stefanou (3rd Dan) create the KWU Greece.

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Deadlines for the 5th KWU Youth World Championship

Organizers of the 5th KWU Kyokushin Open Youth World Championship 2016 remind you that deadline

for preliminary applications (appendix number 1 in provision): up to October, 1st, 2016,

also final deadline for the final applications – November, 1st, 2016

(Note: No final application to be accepted if preliminary application was not submitted.)

The 5th KWU Kyokushin Open Youth World Championship (kumite)

which will take place in Varna, Bulgaria on December 3rd-4th, 2016.

The peculiarity of this tournament is the fact that organizers of the tournament – Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation (BKKF) will take the following expenses:

–  Payment for domestic flights in Bulgaria, namely, Sofia-Varna and Varna-Sofia, accommodation and meals for participants of the tournament;

–  Payment for domestic flights in Bulgaria, namely, Sofia-Varna and Varna-Sofia, accommodation and meals for judges.

The entry fee will not be charged.

For participation in the Championship representatives of all international organizations – KWU members: KI, IFK, KWF and representatives of WKO Shinkyokushin – 1 fighter in each category from each organization from a country, will be allowed.





Shihan Antonio Pinero Camp Sydney, Australia, 2016

Set under the magical blue skies of Sydney, Australia,

was one of the most inspirational seminars yet to be performed on our shores.

Shihan Antonio Pinero, the KWF Chairman come far across the seas to share his profound knowledge and charisma with the Australian Kyokushin Federation the Australian leg of the Kyokushin World Federation for the third year in a row at the invitation of our Australian leader, Sensei Daniel Trifu, the KWF Country representative. Continue reading “Shihan Antonio Pinero Camp Sydney, Australia, 2016”