Month: April 2016

Specialized Kata Seminar in Tomsk

On the 2–3 April 2016 in Tomsk there was held Specialized Kata Training Seminar

with Shihan Victor Fomin. It was dedicated to Sport Kata Competitions preparation and detailed Kata Bunkai in Kyokushin Budo Karate. There were about 60 participants from Tomsk region (Tomsk, Seversk, Melnikovo), Novosibirsk region (Novosibirsk, Linevo) and Kemerovo. Organizer – the head of Seversk Kyokushinkai Federation, Sensei Sergey Shageev.

Specialized Kata Seminar in Tomsk

IFK Canada Laval Team competed at the 4th Cup of North America

IFK Canada Dojo, Karate Laval Team competed

at the 4th Cup of North America of Shihan Normand and Alain Bordeleau of Shinkyokushin Canada. Congratulations to Joel Imonti and Stéphane Thibault for their 1st place as well as to Charles Larose for his 3th place. ALL HAVE DONE 2 TO 3 fighting in their respective categories. Bravo to Sempai Sébastien Grignon and Sempai Pascal Hémond for the coaching! OSU!

IFK Canada Laval Team

Turkish Open 2016 held in Anatalya

The Turkish Open was held from 18th to 20th March at the Kremlin Palace Hotel, Anatalya.

Over 600 participants took park in Kumite and Kata from all age groups. This was selection for the Eurasia Cup 22-25 April at the same venue.

Thanks go to Isa Saglam and Ismail Yuldirim for organising the event and to the Turkish Wu Shu Federation for their support of the IFK Budokaido Kyokushin Organisation with both events.

Turkish Open 2016